TEMPTATION (Three Jobs in and Feeling Broke)

Retro-Post, Dated 29 March 2017: Ugh. The temptation of it. I’m working three jobs to accelerate the payoff of our home. As you know from our “Home Payoff Plan” which started in January, our goal is to pay an additional $16,000 extra a year, which will allow us to payoff our home in six years. I’m currently working 3 jobs this month and if I’m able to sustain this pace through the year, we will be able to pay an extra $20,000 on our mortgage for this year. While I’m generating a heck of a lot more cash, which is great, most all of the funds are being channeled to our mortgage. I can’t help but feel that some of this cash should be spent on an exotic vacation to the Caribbean, or maybe on a shopping spree for the fam. As a family would LOVE to do this, and with all this hard work, I’m not gonna lie, it is a very tempting thought.

My wife has Facebook (I don’t) and she shows me all of her friends that are on vacation at various beaches or amusement park locations. Of course everyone is having fun and looks happy. Part of me thinks we should do the same, but I don’t want to lose focus. We’ve kept our budget and continue to be frugal in the way we live. But, I’m not gonna lie, it’s TOUGH! But I can’t help but think that the long term payoff is sweeter than the near term joy. Part of our plan this year is to have a beach week along the Texas coast, so it’s not like we’re totally cutting out fun. This has been part of our budget plan this year, so we did “program” for fun. While not as exotic as Cancun or kid friendly as Disney, it does get us to the beach to relax. But with the ever present social media and the ability to peer into other’s lives, sometimes you feel you should be having more fun.

This is where discipline must kick in and you must stick to the plan. I have to remind myself to “buckle down” and do what’s right. To me, having the house paid off is right. I also have to look at the positives of all this work. We’ve basically accomplished our goal for the year plus added an extra $4,000 in the first three months of the year. I’m also be getting more work as the year progresses, so the wife and I will have to discuss how to use any extra funds we gain this year. This is also a positive. We have options and it has been a blessing. I guess my point is, yes, as you get more intense and attack the problem with a vengeance, temptation WILL creep in to sway your focus. Stay the course, count your blessing, realize how far you’ve gone, and continue to push. Your ultimate goal may be accomplished faster than you expect.